17.05.2017 – “Bridges to Germany”

This workshop aims to bring together junior group leaders in chemistry, physics, and astronomy, their academic administration leaders at German Universities, the Cottrell Scholar Collaborative(CSC) and the Fulbright Komission in a unique professional development workshop.

The workshop offers training for junior group leaders in Germany how to best implement evidence-based pedagogies, how to integrate research and teaching, new strategies for communicating science to the public, and to develop skills in time management, leadership, mentoring students, and networking. The workshop also engages the academic administration leaders in Germany in a dialogue how to leverage professional development for the future academic leaders and lifting the impact of the University.

Please click here to read the press release in German.

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26.09.2016 – Visit by Yaroslav Tserkovnyak

Yaroslav Tserkovnyak and Jairo Sinova discussing physics

During our last two workshops we had Yaroslav Tserkovnyak as a guest. Discussing Nonlocal Magnetization Dynamics in Ferromagnetic Hybrid Nanostructures with him was a great experience. We all learned a lot and are looking forward to further discussions.

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26.09.2016 – Workshop on Antiferromagnetic Spintronics

Antiferromagnetic Spintronics

The emerging field of antiferromagnetic spintronics focuses on making antiferromagnets active elements of spintronic devices. From an application point of view, it emphasizes how to read, manipulate, and store information in these systems robustly. From the basic science point of view, it exploits the larger range of spin physics in this material due to the higher complexity of the ordered phase and order parameters.

New connections with the current ferromagnetic spintronics research have created entirely new ways of rethinking spin phenomena in antiferromagnets, while still building on long standing pioneering works in antiferromagnetic materials.

Although some prevailing concepts map directly between these fields, in many important instances the intuition built in the ferromagnetic spintronics systems can lead us astray in the antiferromagnetic systems.

The recent successes in this new area and rapid theoretical developments make this the right time for a conference on the subject.

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21.09.2016 – Quantum Spintronics: Spin Transport Through Quantum Magnetic Materials

Quantum Spintronics

The field of magnon spintronics and the field of quantum magnetism have seen tremendous progress in recent years with many break-throughs in new concepts, new techniques, and new materials. Magnon spintronics has demonstrated electrical and thermal control over spin currents through magnetic insulators in contact with normal metals. Almost all this progress has been limited to a single material magnetic insultator YIG, hence limiting the outlook of the field. In Quantum Magnetism recent developments in scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) now permit probing and fabricating spin chains and many other artificial spin systems, providing a new ground to explore quantum magnetism phenomena, as well as a much larger spectrum of quantum magnetic materials to explore.

To learn more about this workshop, visit this page.

29.09.2015 – SPICE Oktoberfest


Thanks to an initiative of Denise and the help of our universally talented student assistant and Bavaria enthusiast Alex, SPICE and the INSPIRE group hosted their own Oktoberfest and likely the first Oktoberfest in the history of Spintronics. From the traditional Oktoberfest-Bier, an especially tasty brew that is only available during the Oktoberfest season to the appropriate Bavarian music and Weißwurst (white sausage), all the essentials had been organised. Thus it is not surprising that, even if neither binge drinking nor any dancing on the tables were observed (as customary at the original event), it was a great party. In the midst of a public which was just as international as the one in Munich, our guest Barry Zink had the opportunity to experience some German local colour.


Apart from Barry Zink, Gerd Passler and Friedrich Kayser were our special guests.

Photos: Sabrina Hopp


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29.09.2015 – Visit from Barry Zink


Photos: Sabrina Hopp

On September 29th we had the pleasure to welcome Barry Zink from the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Denver. He is an expert on micro- and nanofabrication techniques used to control and measure the thermal, magnetic and electronic properties of systems in order to study the fundamental physics of new materials. We thank Barry for an inspiring day of scientific exchange and a very interesting talk on Thermal Spin Injection in Non-Local Spin Valves, Spin Transport in Native FM-Oxides, and Large Spin Hall Angle in Gold Thin Films.

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14.09.2015 – Workshop on Spin Transport and Spin Pumping in Organics

From September 14 to September 15, our workshop on spin transport and spin pumping in organics took place at Schloß Waltdhausen. The workshop brought together scientists from the fields of spintronics and organics to explore possible synergies. It focussed on understanding and manipulating spin and charge transport through pi-conjugated polymers and exploiting its many possibilities.  The workshop is closely linked to the focus of the recent ERC Synergy grant “Spin-charge conversion and spin caloritronics at hybrid organic-inorganic interfaces”.

Its program covered topics in organics (synthesis, charge transport, etc), the current status of organic spintronics, inorganic based spintronics. It included presentations of the latest results as well as some tutorial like talks.


Photo: Sabrina Hopp
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26.08.2015 – Joint Group Meeting with Kläui Lab

INSPIRE and the Kläui Lab are now having monthly meetings to intensify the exchange between the theorists and experimentalists of the institute bringing together the two perspectives on nanoelectronic phenomena in order to generate synergies and facilitate intensified future collaborations.
The talks that were held at this month's joint meeting of the INSPIRE Group and the Kläui Lab were:

Kai Litzius: Progress and Problems – Skyrmions and their Dynamics in Thin Magnetic Layers

Jacob Gailes: Ab-initio calculations of the Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction and transport in

Exotic Magnetic Systems

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17.08.2015 – SPICE Workshop: Magnetic Adatoms as Building Blocks for Quantum Magnetism

magnetic adatoms workshop

This week the SPICE Workshop on Magnetic Adatoms as Building Blocks for Quantum Magnetism took place. Scientific Organizers Cristian Batista, Joaquín Fernández-Rossier and Sander Otte and SPICE co-organizer Jairo Sinova brought together the communities of quantum magnetism and surface nanomagnetism, two areas that have shared little common activity so far. However, recent developments promise new potential synergies. Innovations in scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) now permit probing and fabricating spin chains and many other artificial spin systems, providing a new ground to explore quantum magnetism phenomena. This week, at Schloß Waldthausen, the participants from the quantum magnetism community learned about the exciting new possibilities to explore quantum magnetism in nano engineered spin chains. The surface magnetism community got insight into the fascinating physical concepts that are being explored in quantum magnetism. Together they exchanged ideas and shared their scientific perspectives to advance this research front. The program lasted 4 days and included three types of talks:

1. School-like invited lectures, 50+10 minute discussion, tutorial style covering well established results, trying to reach the non-experts.
2. Workshop-like 25+5m invited talks, presenting results that are potentially appealing for the two communities.
3. Contributed talks (15+5m) with recent developments in these rapidly evolving fields.

There was a total of 7 tutorials, distributed over the program and followed by focused shorter talks. In addition, poster sessions were an important part of the program.

magnetic adatoms_20_1

Photos: Sabrina Hopp
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