Workshop-School on Quantum Spinoptics

Workshop-School, June 18th - 20th 2024

This joint workshop and school aims to bring together students and researchers in the separate fields of solid-state physics and quantum optics, with the goal of fostering an exchange of ideas and knowledge that might spawn a new exciting field of “Quantum Spinoptics.” The common ground for this inter-disciplinary field is the increasingly recognized importance to develop techniques to controllably couple qubits (either atoms or solid-state spins) to interesting quantum “baths” (photons or magnetic materials). Such control is expected to open up diverse scientific and technological opportunities, such as:
- Long-distance coupling and entanglement of qubits through coherent interactions or correlated dissipation
- State protection through correlated dissipation (e.g., subradiance) and associated applications
- Quantum sensing and metrology, and novel probes of condensed matter systems
- Realization of novel classes of out-of-equilibrium dynamics and phases
While these ideas are already starting to be explored separately within solid-state physics and quantum optics, we envision that scientific progress and opportunities will significantly accelerate with the cross-fertilization of ideas. The joint workshop-school format is intended to provide a venue equally devoted to the dissemination of latest research developments, discussion of scientific ideas, and providing a pedagogical background to establish a common “scientific language” for this new field. To that end, the event will feature two extended introductory lectures, featuring scientific and pedagogical leaders within the fields of solid-state physics and quantum optics. We thus especially encourage young scholars to attend and to also contribute in a dedicated poster session.

This workshop is organized by SPICE as part of the Gutenberg International Conference Center (GICC) at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU). The GICC is funded through the German Research Foundation’s (DFG) university allowance in the Excellence Strategy program and aims at fostering JGU as a national and international research hub. By organizing regular conferences and workshops in fields of excellent JGU research, the GICC provides a platform to build interest networks and collaborations – to promote exchange and dialog among academics and research groups from all over the world.


Darrick Chang, Barcelona ICFO
Benedetta Flebus, Boston College
Jamir Marino, JGU
Yaroslav Tserkovnyak, UCLA

Invited Lecturers

Ana Asenjo Garcia, Columbia
Amir Yacoby, Harvard

Invited Speakers

Kyung Choi, University of Waterloo
Andrii Chumak, University of Vienna
Aashish Clerk, University of Chicago
Eugene Demler, ETH Zurich
Rembert Duine, Utrecht
Aurore Finco, L2C
Sarang Goapalakrishnan, Princeton
Hossein Hosseinabadi, JGU
Simon Balthasar Jäger, TU Kaiserslautern
Jonathan Keeling, University of St. Andrews
Eric Kleinherbers, UCLA
Francisco Machado, ITAMP/Harvard
Morgan Mitchell, ICFO
Jayakrishnan M. P. Nair, Boston College
Jared Rovny, Princeton
Lorenza Viola, Dartmouth College
Susanne Yelin, Harvard