17.08.2015 – SPICE Workshop: Magnetic Adatoms as Building Blocks for Quantum Magnetism

magnetic adatoms workshop

This week the SPICE Workshop on Magnetic Adatoms as Building Blocks for Quantum Magnetism took place. Scientific Organizers Cristian Batista, Joaquín Fernández-Rossier and Sander Otte and SPICE co-organizer Jairo Sinova brought together the communities of quantum magnetism and surface nanomagnetism, two areas that have shared little common activity so far. However, recent developments promise new potential synergies. Innovations in scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) now permit probing and fabricating spin chains and many other artificial spin systems, providing a new ground to explore quantum magnetism phenomena. This week, at Schloß Waldthausen, the participants from the quantum magnetism community learned about the exciting new possibilities to explore quantum magnetism in nano engineered spin chains. The surface magnetism community got insight into the fascinating physical concepts that are being explored in quantum magnetism. Together they exchanged ideas and shared their scientific perspectives to advance this research front. The program lasted 4 days and included three types of talks:

1. School-like invited lectures, 50+10 minute discussion, tutorial style covering well established results, trying to reach the non-experts.
2. Workshop-like 25+5m invited talks, presenting results that are potentially appealing for the two communities.
3. Contributed talks (15+5m) with recent developments in these rapidly evolving fields.

There was a total of 7 tutorials, distributed over the program and followed by focused shorter talks. In addition, poster sessions were an important part of the program.

magnetic adatoms_20_1

Photos: Sabrina Hopp
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03.08.2015 – Young Research Leaders Group Workshop


Since August 3rd, the SPICE Workshop for young research leaders from various fields within condensed matter physics has been taking place. Last Sunday, the elite of the next generation from diverse Institutes around the globe met in Kloster Johannesburg for a new kind of workshop. It is the first international and interdisciplinary conference exclusively highlighting young research leaders and their research. The workshop format includes detailed introductory talks followed by more technical presentations as well as group interaction. As it was particularly important to the organisers to provide enough time for the participants to fruitfully interact, the second week of the meeting is completely dedicated to studying and learning from each other in groups. This format combined with the unique venue of Kloster Johannisburg provides an ideal platform for young researchers to share their knowledge and ideas across disciplines, start new and increasing collaborations, and define the questions and topics of tomorrow. The participants are researchers, who are still at early stages of their careers but already have highly regarded research profiles.

The main theme of this first workshop is to explore frontiers with strongly correlated and topological mesoscopic systems. The specific topics include:

  • nonlinear, helical, spiral Luttinger liquids and quantum Hall edge states;
  • uperconductor/topological insulator (or quantumHall) nanostructures
  • many-body localization
  • 2D physics at oxide interfaces
  • 3D quantum materials: Dirac, Weyl , Kondo, 3He, Spin liquids, etc

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