Quantum Spintronics: Spin Transport Through Quantum Magnetic Materials

2016 QS Youtube Header

Bauer, Gerrit: Spin Caloritronics with Yttrium Iron Garnet icon-document-red icon-video-red
Brataas, ArneSpin Superfluidity and Long-Range Transport in Thin-Film Ferromagnets icon-document-red icon-video-red
Braun, Hans-BenjaminQuantum Aspects of Topological Magnets – Theory and Neutron Scattering Results icon-document-black icon-video-red
Cahill, David G.Picosecond Spin Caloritronics icon-document-red icon-video-red
Cornelissen, Ludo J. : Exchange Magnon Spin Transport in the Magnetic Insulator Yttrium Garnet icon-document-red icon-video-red
Flebus, BenedettaTwo-Fluid Theory for Spin Superfluidity in Magnetic Insulators icon-document-red icon-video-red
Gönnenwein, SebastianTutorial: Non-local Magnon Transport in YIG/Pt Nanostructures icon-document-red icon-video-red
Heidrich-Meisner, FabianSpin Transport in Low-Dimensional Quantum Magnets icon-document-red icon-video-red
Hillebrands, BurkardTutorial: Magnon Supercurrents in a Room Temperature Magnon Condensate icon-document-red icon-video-red
Kopietz, PeterRayleigh-Jeans Condensation of Pumped Magnons in Thin Film Ferromagnets icon-document-black icon-video-red
Krivorotov, IlyaCondensation of Magnons Driven by Thermal Gradients icon-document-red icon-video-red
Loss, DanielSpin Currents and Transport Coefficients in Insulating Magnets icon-document-red icon-video-red
MacDonald, AllanTutorial: Topological Spintronics icon-document-red icon-video-red
Ono, TeruoCurrent-induced Asymmetric Magnetoresistance via Spin Flip Scattering icon-document-red icon-video-red
Rüegg, Christian: Quantum Magnets as Switches for Quantum Spintronics icon-document-black icon-video-red
Saitoh, EijiSpin Current Generators icon-document-red icon-video-red
Schuricht, Dirk: Non-Equilibrium Transport Properties of Spin-Dependent Nanostructures icon-document-red icon-video-red
Serga, AlexanderBottleneck Accumulation of Hybrid Bosons in a Ferrimagnet icon-document-red icon-video-red
Starykh, OlegTutorial: A panoply of Orders Near Quantum Lifshitz Point of a Frustrated Ferromagnet icon-document-red icon-video-red
Takei, SoSpin Superfluidity in the ν=0 Quantum Hall State of Graphene icon-document-red icon-video-red
Tserkovnyak, Yaroslav: Tutorial: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly in Spin Superfluids: Domain Walls, Phase Slips, and Skyrmions icon-document-red icon-video-red
Wernsdorfer, WolfgangReading out Spin States of Single Molecules: Application to Grover’s Algorithm icon-document-red icon-video-red
Yacoby, Amir: Imaging Magnetic Textures and Spin Excitations Using NV Centers in Diamond icon-document-black icon-video-black

Below you can find the posters that were presented at this workshop available for downloading as PDF files.

Evers, Martin: Momentum Space Signatures of Anderson Localization of Spin Waves icon-document-red
Gergs, Niklas: Heat Transports and Spin Torques in Strongly Correlated Spin Valves icon-document-red
Kamra, Akashdeep: Probing non-integral spin of squeezed magnons via noise icon-document-red
Knothe, Angelika: Quantum Hall Spin and Isospin Phases of the zero Energy States in Bilayer Graphene icon-document-red
Kuschel, Timo: Magnetoresistance and anomalous Hall effect in Pt/NiFe2O4 and Ta/NiFe2O4 bilayers icon-document-red
Ludwig, Tim: Strong non-equilibrium effects in spin-torque systems icon-document-red
Nakata, Kouki: Magnon Transport Theory: Josephson Effect, Wiedemann - Franz Law, and Persistent Quantized Magnon - BEC Currents icon-document-red
Noboyuki, Okuma: Theoretical Study of Electron-Magnon Coupling in Topological Insulator/Ferromagnet Heterostructure icon-document-red
Pietsch, Torsten: Microwave–induced spin-population inversion in hybrid magnetic point contacts icon-document-red
Samathrakis, Ilias: Magnon Hall Effect in FM/AFM Skyrmions icon-document-red
Streib, Simon: Magnetomechanical coupling and ferromagnetic resonance in magnetic nanoparticles icon-document-red
Upadhyaya, Pramey: Theory of magnon pumping-induced manipulation of electron spins in diamond icon-document-red
Zheng, Jiansen: Exchange Magnon Transport in NM|FM|NM Hybrid Structure icon-document-red