Quantum Acoustics – Surface Acoustic Waves meets Solid State Qubits

2016 QS Youtube Header

Delsing, Peer: Interaction between surface acoustic waves and a transmon qubit icon-document-red icon-video-black
Ford, Chris: Single-electron quantum dots moving in surface-acoustic-wave minima: electron “ping-pong”, quantum coherence, and conversion to photons icon-document-red icon-video-red
Frisk Kockum, Anton: Gaint artificial atoms couples to a 1D waveguide icon-document-red icon-video-red
Fujisawa, Toshimasa: Cavity Quantum Acoustics with a Double Quantum Dot icon-document-red icon-video-red
Huebl, Hans: All acoustics manipulation and probing icon-document-red icon-video-red
Krenner, Hubert: Dynamic acoustic control of single and coupled optically active nanosystems icon-document-red icon-video-red
Leek, Peter: Surface acoustic wave resonators in the quantum regime icon-document-red icon-video-black
Ludwig, Stefan: Electron-phonon interaction in nanoelectronic circuits: towards the control of single phonons icon-document-red icon-video-red
Marquardt, Florian: Light, sound, and topology icon-document-black icon-video-red
Meunier, Tristan: Long-range transfer of spin information using individual electrons icon-document-black icon-video-red
Nakamura, Yasunobu: Quantum magnonics with a macroscopic ferromagnetic sphere icon-document-red icon-video-red
Salis, Gian: Current-controlled spin precession of quasi-stationary electrons in a cubic spin-orbit field icon-document-black icon-video-red
Sanada, Haruki: Acoustic transport and manipulation of electron spins in semiconductors icon-document-black icon-video-red
Santos, Paulo: Control of excitons and exciton-polariton condensates by acoustic lattices icon-document-red icon-video-red
Scarlino, Pasquale:  Spin and valley physics of a single electron icon-document-red icon-video-red
Schütz, Martin: Universal quantum transducers based on surface acoustic waves icon-document-black icon-video-red
Shumeiko, Vitaly: Quantum acousto-optic transducer icon-document-red icon-video-red
Wallraff, AndreasCircuit Quantum Electrodynamics with Semiconductor Quantum Dots icon-document-red icon-video-red
Weides, MartinMagnon-polaritons from room temperature down to milliKelvin temperature icon-document-red icon-video-red
Van der Wiel, Wilfred: High-frequency surface acoustic waves for acousto-electronic transport icon-document-red icon-video-red
Yamaguchi, Hiroshi: Piezoelectric phonon manipulation in electromechanical resonators and waveguides icon-document-black icon-video-red
Yuan, Mingyun: 3D Microwave Optomechanical Cavity icon-document-red icon-video-red