Quantum Acoustics – Surface Acoustic Waves meets Solid State Qubits

May 17th-20th 2016

This workshop was organized to promote the new field of quantum acoustics ‐ a phonon analogue of quantum optics on chip – where single phonons in the form of high‐frequency surface acoustic waves (SAWs) propagate in acoustic waveguides coupling remote qubits. The phonons can also be captured in high‐Q cavities for storage and to increase coupling with the qubits. In order to motivate scientist to collaborate and to boost quantum acoustics, the organizers brought together three scientific fields which have not interacted substantially before, i.e.:
1) SAW, 2) Solid State Spin Qubits and 3) Superconducting Qubits


Scientific Organizers:
Göran Johansson, Chalmers, Sweden
Christopher Bäuerle, CNRS, France
Paulo Santos, PDI, Germany
Floris Zwanenburg, Twente, Netherlands

Spice Co-Organizer:
Jairo Sinova

Invited Speakers:

Per Delsing (Chalmers)
Chris Ford (Cavendish)
Toshimasa Fujisawa (TITEC)
Hubert Krenner (Augsburg)
Peter Leek (Oxford)
Stefan Ludwig (Paul Drude Inst.)
Har Florian Marquardt (FAU Erlangen)
Tristan Meunier (Institut Néel)
Yasunobu Nakamura (Tokyo)
Haruki Sanada (NTT)
Martin Schütz (MPI Garching)
Har Andreas Wallraff (ETH Zurich)
Martin Weides (KIT)
Wilfred van der Wiel (Twente)
Hiroshi Yamaguchi (NTT)


This workshop is partially supported by :
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