PhD SpinCaT Workshop – New Perspectives for Spin-Caloritronics

August 18th - 19th 2016

This workshop was aimed at boosting the reinvigorated field of Spin Caloric Transport ‐ the interplay of heat currents and spin transport - where we brought together young scientists of the field to discuss potential perspectives for new research. Spin caloritronics is not only interesting for applications in thermoelectric devices, but also for a basic and intuitive understanding of spin phenomena in realistic systems. The envisioned impact of the workshop was to motivate young scientists to collaborate and initiate a network for the next generation of spin caloritronics research. We boasted top tier invited speakers from academia and industry to give tutorials from an experimental and a theoretical perspective, while showing the connections to the overall concept of spin caloritronics. This workshop was primarily for doctoral students and young post-docs, where much of the workshop was devoted to the interaction amongst the young scientists.

Scientific Organizers:
Hristo Velkov (Mainz)
Jacob Gayles (Mainz)

Spice Co-Organizer:
Jairo Sinova

Invited Speakers:

Gerrit Bauer (Sendai/Delft)
Ajaya Nayak (Dresden)
Mathias Kläui (Mainz)
Thierry Valet (Mainz)
Jairo Sinova (Mainz)
Olena Gomonay (Mainz)