Novel Electronic and Magnetic Phases in Correlated Spin-Orbit Coupled Oxides

Aichhorn, Markus Strong correlations and spin-orbit coupling. From models to iridates and osmates icon-document-red icon-video-red
Akbari, Alireza Contributed Talk: Possible topological superconductivity in the 5d spin-orbit Mott insulator icon-document-black icon-video-black
Boeri, Lilia Ab-initio prediction of novel phases of transition metal oxides icon-document-red icon-video-red
Brouet, Veronique Contributed Talk: ARPES study of transition metal substitutions in Sr2IrO4 icon-document-red icon-video-red
Caciuffo, Roberto Multipolar order and collective excitations in actinide
icon-document-red icon-video-red
Calder, Stuart Magnetic insulating states with strong spin-orbit coupling in osmates and iridates icon-document-red icon-video-red
Chibotaru, Liviu Nematic superconducting state in iron pnictide superconductors icon-document-black icon-video-red
Cong, Rong Contributed Talk: First Principles calculations of the EFG tensors of Ba2NaOsO6, a Mott insulator with strong spin orbit coupling icon-document-red icon-video-red
Daghofer, Maria Triplon topology in strongly spin-orbit coupled quantum paramagnets icon-document-red icon-video-red
Iwahara, Naoya Contributed Talk: Spin-orbital-lattice entangled states in cubic d1 double perovskites icon-document-black icon-video-red
Jackeli, George Magnetism and magnetic interactions of Kitaev materials icon-document-black icon-video-black
Janssen, Lukas 3D-2D equivalence of ordered states on harmonic honeycomb lattices icon-document-red icon-video-red
Khomskii, Daniel Orbital effects in solids: basics and novel development icon-document-black icon-video-red
Kim, Beom Hyun Contributed Talk: Numerical approach for general superexchange interaction: Application for the spin-orbital excitation of pentavalent iridates icon-document-red icon-video-red
Kim, Bongjae Importance of quantification of Coulomb correlation in 5d oxides icon-document-red icon-video-red
Liu, Peitao Electronic, magnetic and optical properties of relativistic Ruddlesden-Popper iridates icon-document-red icon-video-red
Mazin, Igor Magentic interaction in the density functional theory: learn from successes and learn from failures icon-document-red icon-video-red
Mitrovic, Vesna Probing Quantum Magnetism in Spin-orbit Entangled Materials icon-document-red icon-video-red
Modic, Kim Contributed Talk: Scale-invariant magnetic anisotropy in RuCl3 icon-document-black icon-video-red
Mosca, Dario Fiore Contributed Talk: Quantum Magnetism in Relativistic Oxides icon-document-black icon-video-black
Oppeneer, Peter Ab initio theory of multipolar order and of superconductivity in selected compounds icon-document-red icon-video-red
Perkins, Natalia Magnetic order in hyperhoneycomb magnet beta-Li2IrO3 and its evolution in magnetic field icon-document-red icon-video-red
Pickett, Warren E. Spin-Orbit Coupling Induced jz Degeneracy in Superconducting UTe2 icon-document-red icon-video-red
Pourovskii, Leonid Dipolar and multipolar superexchange interactions in correlated insulators with strong spin-orbit icon-document-black icon-video-black
Ramshaw, Brad Contributed Talk: Determing order-parameter symmetry with resonant ultrasound spectroscopy icon-document-black icon-video-red
Sanna, Samuele Electron doping on Os-based double perovskites with strong spin-orbit coupling icon-document-black icon-video-black
Shick, Alexander More surprises in f-electron magnetism icon-document-red icon-video-red
Solovyev, Igor Electric polarization induced by skyrmionic order in GaV4S8: from first-principles calculations to microscopic models icon-document-red icon-video-red
Streltsov, Sergey Spin-orbit coupling and Jahn-Teller effect: friends of foes? icon-document-black icon-video-black
Winter, Stephen M. Models and Mysteries for Kitaev Materials Under Field icon-document-black icon-video-black