Novel Electronic and Magnetic Phases in Correlated Spin-Orbit Coupled Oxides

Mainz, Germany: November 12th - 15th 2019

The interplay between spin, orbit and electron correlation has emerged as a new paradigm in contemporary condensed matter physics and represents a rich playground for the realization of novel quantum state of matters with exotic electronic and magnetic properties including Dirac-Mott insulators, Lifshitz/Slater phases, Multipolar and Kitaev model magnetism, unconventional superconductivity and topological physics.

The SPICE workshop “Novel electronic and magnetic phases in correlated spin-orbit coupled oxides” aims to bring together leading experts from four different areas: ab-initio calculations, model Hamiltonians, quantum chemistry, and experiments. This high degree of interdisciplinary promises to lead to conceptual and intellectual exchanges among the diverse communities and promote synergies and cooperation among them.





Cesare Franchini, University of Vienna & University of Bologna
Sergii Khmelevskyi, TU Vienna
Roser Valenti, University Frankfurt


Jairo Sinova, JGU Mainz

Invited Speakers

Markus Aichhorn, TU Graz
Lilia Boeri, University of Rome
Roberto Caciuffo, JRC Karlsruhe
Stuart Calder, ORNL
Liviu Chibotaru, KU Leuven
Maria Daghofer, University of Stuttgart
George Jackeli, MPI Stuttgart
University of Bologna
Lukas Janssen, TU Dresden
Hae-Young Kee, University of Toronto
Dianiel Khomskii, University of Cologne
Bongjae Kim, Kunsan National University
Peitao Liu, University of Vienna
Igor Mazin, NRL Washington
Vesna Mitrovic, Brown University
Peter Oppeneer, Uppsala University
Natalia Perkins, University of Minnesota
Warren E. Pickett, UC Davis
Leonid Pourovskii, CPHT Paris
Samuele Sanna, University of Bologna
Alexander Shick, Institute of Physics Prague
Igor Solovyev, NIMS Tsukuba
Sergey Streltsov, Institute of Metal Physics Ekaterinenburg
Stephen M. Winter, University Frankfurt