Young Scholars Session

04.05.2021 - 13:00 - 16:30 German Time

Please note that the program is scheduled to run on German time. Contributed talks will be 8 minutes + 2 minutes for questions.


Chair: Zala Lenarcic

Alla Bezvershenko Dicke transition in open many-body systems determined by fluctuation effects
AlessioChiocchettaCavity-induced quantum spin liquids
Damian Hofmann Challenges for simulating quantum spin dynamics in two dimensions by neural network quantum states
Mona KalthoffDynamical phase transition in an optically driven 2D Heisenberg antiferromagnet
ShaneKellyEffect of active photons on dynamical frustration in cavity QED
Andisheh KhedriA Luttinger Liquid coupled to Ohmic-class environments
RebeccaKrausSelf-organized topological insulator due to cavity-mediated correlated tunneling
RaphaelMenuShortcut to Adiabaticity using Dephasing
Roberta PalacinoAtom-only theories for U(1) symmetric cavity-QED models
KyryloSnizhkoTopological transition in weak-measurement-induced geometric phases
AleksandraZiolkowskaYang-Baxter Integrable Lindblad Equations
Yimu BaoPhases of Gaussian fermionic circuits protected by hidden dynamical symmetries
AlecCaoTransport controlled by Poincaré orbit topology in a driven inhomogeneous lattice gas
SriKrishna VadlamaniPhysics-Based Machines for Optimization
SimonLieuKramers' degeneracy for open systems in thermal equilibrium
AnasuyaLyonsEncoding Phase Transitions in Random Classical Circuits
FrederikNathanUniversal Lindblad equation for open quantum systems
Asier Piñeiro Orioli Dark states from superradiant decay of multilevel atoms in a cavity
DavidRobertsQuantum mechanical detailed balance and steady-state solutions of open quantum systems
ZackWeinsteinMeasurement-induced negativity transition in an open quantum circuit