SPICE-Workshop on Bad Metal Behavior in Mott Systems

June 29-July 2 (2015), at Schloss Waldthausen, Mainz


The "Bad-metal" behavior phenomenon is often viewed as one of the key unresolved signatures of strong correlation physics. It has been identified in many Mott systems, such as cuprates, manganites, ruthenates, iridates, heavy fermions, organic charge-transfer salts, and the recently discovered iron pnictides. Many of the exotic features of these materials have been linked to quantum criticality of the Mott metal-insulator transition type. Many open fundamental questions still beg a convincing answer and may require to re-examine the familiar paradigms and to venture beyond it in new directions. It is an area that merges many different theoretical branches ranging from spin-fluctuation theories, to dynamical mean-field theory methods, to topological field theories, and even holographic duality - ideas borrowed from superstring theory. These fundamental emergent physics topics are now being applied in the design and fabrication of new devices for future technology. “Memristive” resistance-switching devices, novel power transistors, as well as “synaptic” devices that mimic the function of the neuron, are just a few of the possibilities.

IMG_1982This workshop addressed both the fundamental issues associated with this new type of phase transition, and its many consequences for material science and technology. Our invited speakers covered the most exciting discoveries in this broad field. The workshop immersed scientific talks, overview talks aimed to the other communities, and round table discussions of future directions. This aspect was of particular value to graduate students, postdocs, and early-career faculty members.

Besides the talks, there were several hour-long lectures of educational/review character. In addition, the participants contributed poster presentations.

Scientific Organizers

Vladimir Debrosavljevic (Magnet Lab and FSU), Isao Inoue (AIST Tsukuba), and Marcelo Rozenberg (CNRS-Orsay)

SPICE co-organizers

Jairo Sinova

Invited Speakers (preliminary list of confirmed speakers)

Civelli, M. (Paris Sud)
DiMedici, L. (Grenoble)
Dressel, M. (Stuttgart)
Dobrosavljevic, V. (Florida State University)
Fratini, S. (Grenoble)
Gabay, M. (LPS, Orsay)
Hussey, N. (Nijmegen)
Inoue, I. (AIST)
Jeong, D. S. (KIST, Seoul)
Kang, J. (Beijing)
Kanoda, K. (Tokyo)
Kohlstedt, H. (Kiel)
Mravlje, J. (Jozef Stefan Institute)
Miranda, E. (Campinas)
Monceau, P. (Grenoble)
Oka, T. (Tokyo)
Oshikawa, M. (Kashiwa)
Pershin, Y. V. (Columbia)
Phillips, P. (Illinois)
Popovic, D. (Florida)
Rademaker, L. (UC Santa Barbara)
Rozenberg, M. (Orsay)
Sarma, D. D. (Bangalore)
Schmalian, J. (Karlsruhe)
Schuller, I. (San Diego)
Senthil, T. (MIT, Cambridge)
Stemmer, S. (Santa Barbara)
Takagi, H. (MPI Stuttgart)
Varma, C. (UC Riverside)
Wong, H.-S.Phillip (Stanford U)
Ye, J. (U Groningen)
Zaanen, J. (U Leiden)