Young Research Leaders Group Workshop:
Frontiers with strongly correlated and topological mesoscopic systems

August 3rd-14th 2015

This workshop, which was the first of its kind, aimed to start new and increasing collaborations, and seek for research topics of tomorrow across disciplines in condensed matter physics. The workshop format focused on groups of researches at their early careers but with already established and highly regarded research profiles. It brought together the research excellence elite of the next generation.

IMG_2189 copy The format of the meeting during the first week included detailed introductory talks followed by more technical presentations. The second week of the meeting provided time for participants to fruitfully interact, exchange ideas and make study groups to learn from each other.

The main theme of this first workshop was to explore frontiers with strongly correlated and topological mesoscopic systems. The specific topics included:

  • nonlinear, helical, spiral Luttinger liquids and quantum Hall edge states;
  • superconductor/topological insulator (or quantum Hall) nanostructures
  • many-body localization
  • 2D physics at oxide interfaces
  • 3D quantum materials: Dirac, Weyl , Kondo, 3He, Spin liquids, etc

Scientific Organizers

Alex Levchenko (MSU), Katja Nowack (Cornell), Andrea Young (UCSB)

SPICE co-organizers

Georg Schwiete and Jairo Sinova

Invited Participants (confirmed)

Abanin, Dmitry (Perimeter)
Akhmerov, Anton (Delft)
Auslaender, Ophir (Technion)
Bagrets, Dmitry (Cologne)
Berg, Erez (Weizmann)
Bettelheim, Eldad (Hebrew)
Dean, Cory (Columbia)
Dzero, Maxim (Kent)
Finck, Aaron (UIUC)
Foster, Matt (Rice)
Garate, Ion (Sherbrooke)
Ilani, Shahal (Weizmann)
Khodas, Maxim (Hebrew)
Koenig, Markus (Dresden)
Manucharyan, Vlad (Maryland)
Michaeli, Karen (Weizmann)
Micklitz, Tobias (Rio)
Mitra, Sami (Physical Review Letters)
Nadj-Perge, Stevan (Princeton)
Pesin, Dima (Utah)
Pollanen, Johannes (Caltech)
Pribiag, Vlad (U Minnesota)
Rudner, Mark (Copenhagen)
Schmidt, Thomas (Luxemburg)
Sela, Eran (Tel Aviv)