Young Research Leaders Group Workshop:
Collective phenomena in driven quantum systems

Mainz, Germany: July 10th - 13th 2018

The workshop will explore situations in which non-equilibrium setups can provide information about many-body systems that cannot be accessed in conventional (linear-response based) probes. Systems of particular interest are materials with strongly competing or frustrated (by disorder, relativistic corrections or geometrical constrains) interactions, or those under extreme quantum conditions (traditionally, very low temperatures and/or very high magnetic fields). These circumstances favor the formation of phases characterized by some sort of topological order, revealing highly entangled ground states and exotic, but experimentally elusive, excitations. Topology provides also the unifying framework to describe the emergence of quantum coherence at the macroscopic scale. These current efforts in solid state goes hand by hand with the design and large-scale control of new types of synthetic quantum matter in driven optical and atomic systems. With this multidisciplinary philosophy in mind, the workshop aims to bring together researchers with expertise in frustrated magnetism, mesoscopic physics (including the quantum Hall effect, Weyl/Dirac semimetals, layered semiconductors and spintronic interfaces), cold atoms, and optical cavities.


Ana Asenjo-Garcia (Caltech)
Héctor Ochoa (UCLA)
Kyoung-Whan Kim (Mainz)



Monika Aidelsburger, LMU München
Monica Allen, Stanford
Mitali Banerjee, Weizmann
Michael Buchhold, Caltech
Benedetta Flebus, UCLA
Adolfo G. Grushin, Institut Néel
Loïc Henriet, ICFO
Michael Knap TU, München
Renate Landig, Harvard
Fahad Mahmood, Johns Hopkins
David Mross, Weizmann
Olga Petrova, ENS
Hannah Price, Birmingham
Maksym Serbyn, IST Austria
Justin Song, NTU Singapore
Silvia Viola-Kusminskiy, Max Planck
Brian Zhou, Chicago