Trends in Magnetism: “Antiferromagnetism and Light”

Venice, September 4th - 9th, 2022

Trends in Magnetism (TMAG) is a multidisciplinary forum to share the latest advancements in magnetism, with a particular focus on trending topics. TMAG 2022 is the second event in a series of international conferences initiated by the PetaSpin association, which started with TMAG 2020 in Cefalù. The location of TMAG 2024 will be announced in Venice.

The main theme of TMAG 2022 will be “Antiferromagnetism and Light” where we want to create a chance for the experts in these two broad fields to meet and move the scientific community forward. “Light” (from terahertz to X-rays) offers a chance to measure many of the properties of antiferromagnets in time and space. However, it is a much more challenging effort than studying ferromagnets, since the principal magneto-optical effects are linear in the net magnetization, which is zero in antiferromagnets at equilibrium. This greatly limits the possibility of studying ultrathin or even two-dimensional antiferromagnets, relevant for future data storage and computing applications. With the recent impressive advancement in the capabilities of laser sources, and in the understanding of antiferromagnets and antiferromagnetic nanostructures, we are at a timely moment to attempt a “quantum leap” in the field having the leading scientists in those fields to meet and discuss.


SPICE is one of the organisations responsible for the coordination of this workshop.

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