Workshop on "Spin Orbit Coupling and Spin Mechanics"

October 23rd - October 24th 2015 at the SPICE Center

The 29th REIMEI and ERATO-SQR workshop focused on effects of the spin-orbit interaction and the coupling of the spin and lattice degrees of freedom in magnetic nanostructures.

The spin Hall effect has moved into the mainstream of magnetism by generating so-called spin-orbit torques on proximity magnets and being an efficient spin current detector. The electrical and thermal actuation of the magnetization of insulators with extremely high quality factors of the magnetization dynamics has focused attention on the bosonic degrees of freedom in spintronics and the importance of the spin-lattice and spin-rotation couplings.

Photos: Sabrina Hopp

The scope of the workshop covered the following topics:

  • The magnon-phonon interaction in a magnetic insulator (YIG) to better understand acoustically induced spin pumping and the spin Seebeck effect.
  • Materials with large spin-orbit interaction examined by combining density functional theory in the local density approximation with the quantum Monte Carlo technique.
  • The effects of spin-orbit interaction on the magnetization dynamics of ferro-, feri-, and antiferro-magnets and their heterostructures.
  • Spin current generation in solids and fluids.


Jairo Sinova, Jun'ichi Ieda

Co-sponsored by
REIMEI Research Fund (ASRC-JAEA)
ERATO Spin Quantum Rectification Project (JST)

Confirmed Speakers and Participants

Gomonay, Helen
Ieda, Jun'ichi
Maekawa, Sadamichi
Matsuo, Mamoru
Mori, Michiyasu
Sinova, Jairo
Yamane, Yuta
Yan, Peng
Ziman, Tim
Hillebrands, Burkard
Jakob, Gerhard
Kläui, Mathias
Lee, Kyuioon
Saitoh, Eiji
Shiomi, Yuki
Yasuoka, Hiroshi





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