Spin orbit coupling and spin mechanics

Gomonay,Helen: Antiferromagnetic Spintronics
Hillebrands, Burkard: Spin Transport Using Magnon Gases
Ieda, Jun'Ichi: Interface Magnetic Anisotropy Induced by Rashba Effect
Jakob, Gerhard: Thermal conductivities in YIG
Kläui, Matthias: TBA 
Krüger, Benjamin: TBA
Lee, Kyujee:  Spin-orbit Torque
Matsuo, Mamoru : Mechanical Generation of Spin Current
Mori, Michiyasu: Spin Hall Effect in Cu Alloys and Phonon Hall Effect: Skew Scattering of Electrons and Phonons
Reeve, Robert: Spin currents and spin dynamics
Saitoh, Eiji: Spin Current Generation
Shiomi,Yuki: Spin Pumping Experiments in Topological Insulators and Skyrmion Crystals
Sinova, Jairo: Spin-Orbit torques
Yamane, Yuta: Spin Transports in Dynamical Antiferromagnetic textures
Yan, Peng: Thermodynamic Magnon Recoil for Domain wall motion
Yasuoka, Hiroshi: NMR in Skyrmion Phase
Ziman, Tim: Spin Hall Effect and Skew Scattering in Co-operatively Ordered Magnetic Systems