Molecular Electro-Opto-Spintronics

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Cahen, David Tutorial: Proteins can be “Good” Electronic Conductors! icon-document-black icon-video-red
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Diez-Perez, Ismael Tutorial: Neuromorphic Computing with Spintronics icon-document-black icon-video-black
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Greer, Jim New electronics from the surface chemistry of low dimensional nanostructures icon-document-red icon-video-red
Guo, Cunlan Electron Transport across the Linear Peptide: the Role of Composition icon-document-black icon-video-black
Hanein, Yael Electrical and opto-electrical neuro-stimulation icon-document-red icon-video-red
Hihath, Josh Tutorial: Evolution of Break-Junction Based Molecular Measurements icon-document-black icon-video-red
Kamenetska, Masha Angstrom-scale rulers to correlate transport and geometry of metallocene molecules on gold icon-document-black icon-video-red
Li, Yuan Conformation and charge tunneling through molecules in SAMs icon-document-black icon-video-red
Loth, Sebastian Spin-environment coupling of few-atom magnets icon-document-red icon-video-red
McCreery, Richard Photoeffects as Probes of Transport in all-Carbon Molecular Junctions icon-document-red icon-video-red
Nath Pal, Atindra Nonmagnetic spin filter based on single molecular junction icon-document-red icon-video-red
Pike, Andrew Is DNA a viable component for molecular electronics? icon-document-black icon-video-black
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