ElastoQMat-SPICE workshop on "Unconventional superconductivity in the heavy fermion UTe2"

on-line, 2-3 June 2022

The recent discovery of superconductivity in the heavy fermion UTe2 has led to an enormous interest in this material. It hosts various unusual phenomena like metamagnetism, field reentrant superconductivity and pressure-induced magnetic and superconducting phases. The extremely high upper critical fields suggest a spin-triplet p-wave state while there have also been experimental indications for chiral as well as multi-component superconductivity. As intriguing as the superconducting state is, there are also still many open questions concerning the normal state. While no ordered magnetic moment has been observed, a mixture of ferromagnetic, anti-ferromagnetic and valence fluctuations has been proposed. This workshop will set a platform for discussing the properties of UTe2 and their implications by bringing together theorists and experimentalists working on this highly discussed material.


Kristin Willa (Karlsruher Institute f. Technology) kristin.willa@kit.edu

Roser Valenti (Goethe University Frankfurt) valenti@itp.uni-frankfurt.de


SPICE is one of the organisations responsible for the coordination of this workshop.

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