Young Research Leaders Group Workshop: New Paradigms in Dirac-Weyl Nanoelectronics

June 13th-17th 2016

This Young Research Leaders workshop in Topological Matter has been continued as a series in 2017 organized by Binghai Yan and Leslie Schoop (sponsorded by the MPI for Chemical Physics of Solids) and in 2018 organized by Binghai Yan, Raqueiroz, and Philip Moll (sponsored by the Weizmann Institute of Science, the MPI-CPfS, and SPICE). 

With the impending end of traditional Si based electronics due to Moore's law limitations, the need for novel approaches to next generation device design is not only apparent, but has become a popular interdisciplinary research topic. From research in fabrication engineering and device architectural design to devices based on intrinsically different physics, there is ample room for research from physics, chemistry, and engineering perspectives.