SPICE-Workshop on Computational Quantum Magnetism

2016 QS Youtube Header

Antropov, Vladimir: Quantum spin fluctuations in magnets icon-document-black
Belashchenko, Kirill: Effects of spin disorder on electronic structure, resistivity, and magnetocrystalline anisotropy of metals icon-document-red
Biermann, Silke: From LDA++ to X+DMFT: strategies for interfacing electronic structure and many-body theory icon-document-red
Chubukov, Andrey: New quantum phases in anisotropic triangular antiferromagnets icon-document-red
Coey, Michael: Some Puzzles in Oxide Magnetism icon-document-red
Coldea, Radu: Neutron scattering as a tool to study quantum magnetism icon-document-red
Eriksson, Olle: Electronic structure and magnetism icon-document-red
Felser, Claudia: Magnetism in Mn-rich Heusler compounds icon-document-red
Georges, Antoine: Hund's metals icon-document-black
Gingras, Michel: Has compelling experimental evidence for order-by-disorder at last been found in a frustrated magnetic material? icon-document-red
Gross, Eberhard: Ultrafast Laser-Induced Demagnetization of Ferromagnetic Materials: Identifying the Mechanism with Real-Time TDDFT icon-document-black
Jackeli, George: Spin-orbit induced magnetic order and dynamics in insulating iridates icon-document-red
Jeschke, Harald: Strongly correlated Dirac electrons in electron doped herbertsmithite icon-document-red
Jungwirth, Tomas: Spin-dependent phenomena and device concepts explored in (Ga,Mn)As icon-document-red
Katsnelson, Mikhail: Theory of carbon-based magnetism icon-document-red
Khaliullin, Giniyat: Magnetism and doping effects in spin-orbit coupled Mott insulators icon-document-red
Khomskii, Daniel: Orbitals ­ 2015. Basics and new development. icon-document-red
Lichtenstein, Alexander: Magnetism of Correlated Material icon-document-black
Mila, Frederic: Tensor-network algorithms and frustrated quantum magnetism icon-document-red
Mokrousov, Yuriy: Computational Topological Spintronics: from Hall effects to chiral skyrmions icon-document-red
Motome, Yukitoshi: Quantum Monte Carlo study of Kitaev spin liquids icon-document-red
Nordström, Lars: Magnetic order in systems with large spin orbit coupling. icon-document-black
Perkins, NataliaNew phenomena due to Kitaev interactions icon-document-red
Solovyev, Igor: Origin and Microscopic Mechanisms of Magnetoelectric Coupling in Multiferroic Manganites icon-document-red
Streltsov, Sergey: Orbital-selective behavior in dimerized systems icon-document-red
Thomale, Ronny: Pseudofermion functional renormalization group icon-document-black
van Schilfgaarde, Mark: Fe and Ni in the Quasiparticle Self-consistent GW approximation icon-document-red
Whangbo, Mike: On the spin orientation icon-document-red
Yaresko, Alexander: Anisotropy of exchange interactions in Ir oxides from band structure calculations icon-document-red