Coherent manipulation of spins in diamond via spin-wave mixing

SPICE Workshop on Quantum Spinoptics, June 13th - 15th 2023

Toeno van der Sar

Magnetic imaging based on nitrogen-vacancy (NV) spins in diamond enables probing condensed matter systems with nanoscale resolution1. In this talk I will introduce NV magnetometry as a tool for imaging spin waves – the wave-like spin excitations of magnetic materials. Using the NV sensitivity to microwave magnetic fields, we can map coherent spin waves2 and incoherent magnon gases3 and provide insight into their interaction and damping4. By using a single NV in a scanning diamond tip we gain access to spin-wave scattering at the nanoscale5. I will highlight how we can use spin-wave mixing to generate frequency combs that enable high-fidelity, coherent control of the NV spins even when the applied microwave drive fields are far detuned from the NV spin resonance frequency 6 (Fig. 1). These results form a basis for developing NV magnetometry into a tool for characterizing spin-wave devices and expand the control and sensing capabilities of NV spins.

Fig. 1 - Using spin-wave mixing and frequency combs for coherent control of spins in diamond

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