Workshop on Antiferromagnetic Spintronics

September 26th - 30th 2016

The emerging field of antiferromagnetic spintronics focuses on making antiferromagnets active elements of spintronic devices. From an application point of view, it emphasizes how to read, manipulate, and store information in these systems robustly. From the basic science point of view, it exploits the larger range of spin physics in this material due to the higher complexity of the ordered phase and order parameters.

New connections with the current ferromagnetic spintronics research have created entirely new ways of rethinking spin phenomena in antiferromagnets, while still building on long standing pioneering works in antiferromagnetic materials.

Although some prevailing concepts map directly between these fields, in many important instances the intuition built in the ferromagnetic spintronics systems can lead us astray in the antiferromagnetic systems.

The recent successes in this new area and rapid theoretical developments make this the right time for a conference on the subject.

Physics Status Solidi Focus Issue on Antiferromagnetic Spintronics: Due to your active research in the field of antiferromagnetic materials we cordially invite you to submit a man-uscript to our forthcoming Focus Issue on Antiferromagnetic Spintronics. The Focus Issue will be published in physica status solidi – Rapid Research Letters, i.e. pss (RRL), on the basis of the Workshop on Antiferromagnetic Spintronics in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Jairo Sinova, Prof. Dr. Tomas Jungwirth and Prof. Dr. Olena Gomonay as guest editors.

The focus issue aims not only to summarize the recent progress in the rapidly developing field of antiferromag-netic spintronics but mostly important to present future perspectives in the field. It should provide a snapshot of the state-of-the-art, both experimental and theoretical, for both experienced and young researchers inter-ested in the subject.

You may either write a short overview/review article (6-15 pages long) or submit your latest original results as a letter (4 pages long). For details please click here.

Scientific Organizers
Helen Gomonay (JGU, Mainz, Germany)
Tomas Jungwirth (ASCR, Prague, Czech Republic)
Jairo Sinova (JGU, Mainz, Germany)

Invited Speakers

Richard Campion (Univ. Nottingham)
Ran Cheng (Carnegie M. Univ.)
Ciara Ciccarelli (Univ. Cambridge)
Rembert Duine (Utrech Univ.)
Claudia Felser (MPI Dresden)
Brian Gallagher (Nottingham Univ)
Helen Gomonay (JGU Mainz)
Sebastian Gonnenwein (Dresden)
Hardy Gross (MPI Halle)
Stefan Günther (ETH Zürich)
Shunsuke Fukami (Sendai)
Axel Hoffmann (ANL Chicago)
Mathias Kläui (JGU Mainz)
Dominik Kriegner (Charles Univ.)
Sebastian Loth (MPI Hamburg)
Aurelien Manchon (KAUST)
Xavi Marti (Prague)
Yura Mokrousov (Jülich)
Ulrich Nowak (Univ. Konstanz)
Stuart Parkin (MPI Halle)
Theo Rasing (Radbound Univ.)
Ulrich Roessler (IFW Dresden)
Oleg Tretiakov (Sendai)
Yaroslav Tserkovnyak (UCLA)
Michel Viret (CEA)
Peter Wadley (Univ. Nottingham)
Roland Wiesendanger (Hamburg)
Joerg Wunderlich (Prague/Cambridge)

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