Cottrell Scholar Collaborative Bridges to Germany: Junior Faculty Professional Development Workshop

Mainz, Germany: May 17th - May 19th 2017
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About The Cottrell Scholars Collaborative: 

The Cottrell Scholars Collaborative is a network of top academic scientists who are past recipients of the Cottrell Scholar Award given out by the Research Corporation for Science Advancement. The members are firmly committed to the ideal of the teacher scholar who excels both in the laboratory and in the classroom, and are dedicated to using the scientific method to improve STEM education. As a group, they promote transformative change in science education through the exploration of new pedagogies and the dissemination of proven methods, always asking themselves, are we doing this in the best possible manner and can we improve the learning outcomes for our students.

The members are among the most decorated scientist in the USA. Most of them have received many other wards, such as the NSF CAREER Award. They are a clear proof that the excellence in research and in innovative teaching and science communication is never a zero sum game.

Sponsored by RCSA, they have started a series of initiatives to help promote this teacher scholar model at the highest level of academia. As their rankings grow and their members enter more influential roles in academia, this is an important network that will impact the future of academia.

In this new evolution, the Cottrell Scholar Collaborative is bringing these ideas to Germany, where many of his members have established their academic careers.