Elasto-Q-Mat Summer School 2022: Interplay of multiple degrees of freedom - Charge, Spin and lattice

Workshop, September 12th - 15th 2022

The exotic phases arising from the complex interplay between the electron and the elementary excitation such as phonons, magnons, etc. is one of the prominent aspects of condensed matter physics. The complex interplay often results in different competing ground states with different microscopic properties and different low energy excitations. Disrupting the system by external stimuli such as changing temperature, applying pressure, or doping with different chemical elements, one can manipulate through different phases and try to understand the microscopic multiple degrees of freedom in correlated many body systems. In addition, complex systems offer a great deal of real world applications, however, sufficient understanding and knowledge of many body interactions is first necessary on a fundamental level.
In this regard, the Elasto-Q mat summer school “Interplay of multiple degrees of freedom – charge, spin and lattice” is intended to bring the state of the art expertise in the field of condensed matter physics to educate our PhD student within the SFB Transregio 288 project. Thus, our students have the opportunity to become familiar with the current research both in terms of theoretical and experimental perspective in the diverse field of many body systems.
The summer school consists of a series of lectures from the distinguished Professors who will touch base the basic concept of physics and also provide an insight to their current field of research. Moreover, important issues/questions of the current understanding of the complex systems will be discussed.
This summer school is again organised as a part of the SFB Transregio 288, which is founded through the German Research Foundation (DFG).

The workshop will take place at

Kloster Maria Hilf
Carl-Netter Straße 7
77815 Bühl

If arriving by public transport, take the train to Karlsruhe Hbf. From there you can use the RE2 (to Konstanz) or S7 (to Achern) to get to Bühl station. It takes 15 minutes to walk from the station to Kloster Maria Hilf, alternatively you can take a bus to “Bühl Klostergarten”.


Max Hansen, University of Frankfurt
Amrit Raj Pokharel, JGU
Veronika Stangier, KIT Karlsruhe

Invited Speakers

Leni Bascones, ICMM-CSIC
Hans Peter Büchler, Universität Stuttgart
Paul Canfield, Iowa State University
Laura Classen, MPI Stuttgart
Matthew Foster, Rice University

Bruce Normand, Paul Scherrer Institute
Bernhard Keimer, MPI Stuttgart
Marcel Reutzel, University Göttingen
Heiko B. Weber, Friedrich Alexander University