Odd triplet superconductivity induced by the moving condensate

Irina Bobkova

It has been commonly accepted that electromagnetic fields suppress superconductivity by inducing the ordered motion of Cooper pairs. We demonstrate a mechanism which instead provides generation of perconducting correlations by moving the superconducting condensate. This effect arises in superconductor/ferromagnet heterostructures in the presence of spin-orbit coupling. We predict the odd-frequency spin-triplet superconducting correlations called the Berezinskii order to be switched on in ferromagnets at large distances from the superconductor/ferromagnet interface by application of a static magnetic field or irradiation inducing condensate motion. In the last case the induced spin-triplet superconducting order is
dynamical. The effect is shown to result in the unusual dependence of Josephson current on the applied magnetic field and possibility of a photo-induced Josephson current.