Non-Equilibrium Quantum Matter

2017 NEQM Youtube Header

Bloch, Immanuel: Many-Body Localisation from an Ultracold Atom Perspective icon-document-black icon-video-red
Brand, Joachim: Dynamics of solitons and vortices in strongly-correlated and topological superfluids icon-document-red icon-video-red
Cavalleri, Andrea: Intro to photo-induced Superconductivity icon-document-red icon-video-red
Chin, Cheng: Inflation and coherent dynamics in a Bose-Einstein condensste driven across a quantum critical point icon-document-red icon-video-red
Demler , Eugene: Dynamical Cooper pairing in non-equilibrium electron-phonon systems icon-document-red icon-video-red
Ganeshan, Sriram: Lyapunov exponent and out-of-time-ordered correlator in chaotic systems & Dynamical many body localization in integrable kicked rotor icon-document-black icon-video-red
Garreau, Jean-Claude: Quantum simulation of the Anderson transition with a dynamical cold-atom system atoms icon-document-black icon-video-red
Hafezi, Mohammad: Qunatum Hall physics in photonic systems icon-document-red icon-video-red
Hofmann, Johannes: Quantum soliton friction and soliton diffusion icon-document-red icon-video-red
Johnson, Steve: Spin-lattices interactions driven far from equilibrium icon-document-black icon-video-red
Kaverzin, Alexey: Recent developements in graphene spintronics icon-document-black icon-video-black
Kennes, Dante: Electronic Squeezing of pumped phonons: negative U and transient superconductivity icon-document-red icon-video-red
Kollath, Corinna: Evolution of correlations and order coupled to an environment icon-document-black icon-video-black
Lindner, Nethanel: Probing Anomalous Floquet Topological Insulators icon-document-black icon-video-red
Mitra, Aditi: Superconductivity following a quantum quench icon-document-red icon-video-red
Ostrovskaya, Elena: Non-equilibrium Bose-Einstein condensation of exciton polaritons icon-document-red icon-video-red
Parish, Meera: Dynamics of impurities in quantum gases icon-document-red icon-video-red
Polkovnikov, Anatoly: Dynamical phase transitions icon-document-red icon-video-red
Potter, Andrew: Chiral topological phases from time-periodic driving icon-document-black icon-video-red
Refael, Gil: Quantum Floquet Systems: Overview & Double Frequency Drives icon-document-red icon-video-red
Rey, Ana-Maria : Quantum spin dynamics, coherences and entanglement in trapped ion arrays icon-document-red icon-video-red
Schmiedmayer, Jörg: Probing many-body systems through their correlations icon-document-black icon-video-red
Sengstock, Klaus: Topology and dynamics in Floquet engineered optical lattices icon-document-black icon-video-red
Sie, Edbert Jarvis: Floquet states and Bloch-Siegert shift in solids icon-document-black icon-video-red
Steinhauer, Jeff: Observation of quantum Hawking radiation and its entanglement in an analogue black hole icon-document-black icon-video-red
Stringari, Sandro: Superfluidity and Rotation of a Superfluid Spin-Orbit Coupled BEC gas icon-document-red icon-video-red
Tian, Chushun: The kicked rotor: from classical chaos to integer quantum Hall effect icon-document-red icon-video-red
Tserkovnyak, Yaroslav: Spin condensation and superfluidity in insulators icon-document-red icon-video-red
Volovik, Grigorii: From an analogue general relativity to cosmology icon-document-red icon-video-red
von Keyserlingk, Curt: Floquet MBL phases of matter in theory and experiment icon-document-black icon-video-black
Zwierlein, Martin: Sound and Solitonic Excitations in Fermionic Superfluids icon-document-red icon-video-red