Elastic Tuning and Response of Electronic Order

Mainz, Germany: December 9th - 11th 2019

New physical phenomena have emerged from a particularly strong coupling between a materials’ elasticity and its symmetry-broken electronic quantum phases. Examples are reversible superelasticity with large recoverable strain in iron-based materials, strong nonlinear elastic response with violation of Hooke’s law and critical elasticity in pressurized organic charge-transfer salts, a doubling of the superconducting transition temperature in strained strontium ruthenate, strain-induced charge order in cuprate superconductors, as well as nematicity in iron-based superconductors. Static and dynamic strain manipulation has emerged as a new knob to tune and shape a material’s electronic properties.

Physical phenomena that shall be discussed in this workshop include nonlinear and non-equilibrium elasticity, elastic manipulation of symmetry-breaking phases and elastic switching between phases, magneto-elastoresistivity, superelasticity, and  site-selective phononics

This workshop focuses on bringing together the correlated electron field with researchers working on elastic properties of complex materials

As with previous SPICE workshops, tutorials giving an overview of the different areas and talks will be intermixed within the program.



Jörg Schmalian, Karlsruhe
Jairo Sinova, JGU
Roser Valenti, Frankfurt

Invited Speakers

Anna Böhmer, KIT
Collin Broholm, Johns Hopkins University
Stuart Brown, UCLA
Bernd Büchner, IFW
Rafael Fernandes, University of Minnesota
Ian R. Fisher, Stanford University
Elena Gati, IOWA State University
Philipp Gegenwart, University of Augsburg
Helen Gomonay, JGU
Clifford Hicks, MPG
Suguru Hosoi, Osaka University
Heejae Kim, Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research
Steven Allan Kivelson, Stanford University
Kristin Kliemt, University Frankfurt
Steven Allan Kivelson, Stanford
Michael Lang, University of Frankfurt
Abhay Pasupathy, Columbia University
Stephen Rowley, Cambridge
Wolfgang Wernsdorfer, KIT
Kristin Willa, KIT
Taner Yildirim, NIST