On-line SPICE-SPIN+X Seminars

On-line Seminar: 16.11.2022 - 15:00 German Time

Towards a "complete" picture of ultrafast dynamics in the 2D ferromagnet FGT

Yoav William Windsor, FH Institute of the MPS and TU Berlin

Two dimensional materials have been the focus of intense study in recent years, with extensive effort invested in transition metal dichalcogenides. A recent addition to this is the study of 2D magnetic materials. Here we focus on one such ferromagnetic material: Fe3GeTe2. We present an overview of its ultrafast response to photoexcitation using three time-resolved probes: angle resolved photoemission (ARPES), X-ray magnetic circular dichroism (XMCD), and ultrafast electron diffraction (UED). These reflect the response of different material degrees of freedom, namely the carriers, the spins and the phonons. I will then focus primarily on the study of lattice dynamics using UED.

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