Poster Session


Poster 1 Carmine Attanasio University of Saleno Possible superconducting spin-triplet pair correlations in NbRe/Co bilayers
Poster 2 Alexei Bezuglyj NSC "Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technology" Transverse heat conductivity of I1=FI=I2 layered nanostructures at low temperatures
Poster 3 Mario Cuoco CNR-SPIN Magneto-electric effects and chiral anomaly in superconducting topological heterostructures
Poster 4 Samme Dahir Ruhr-Universität Bochum TBA
Poster 5 Lena Engström McGill University Modeling multiorbital effects in Sr2IrO4 under strain and an external field
Poster 6 Juan Carlos Estrada Saldana University of Copenhagen Signatures of Domain Wall Superconductivity in Individual InAs/EuS/Al Nanowires
Poster 7 Victor Fernandez Becerra Institute of Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences Topological charge, spin and heat transistor
Poster 8 Martin Fonnum Jakobsen NTNU Electrical and Thermal Transport in Antiferromagnet-Superconductor Junctions
Poster 9 Alberto Hijano UPV/EHU Proximity effects in superconductor-ferromagnetic insulator bilayers of arnotrary thickness
Poster 10 Stefan Ilic CFM-MPC United Description of Spin Transport, Weak Antilocalization and Triplet Superconductivity in Systems with Spin-Orbit Coupling
Poster 11 Andreas Janssonn Norwegian University of Science and Technology Macroscale nonlocal transfer of superconducting signatures to a ferromagnet in a cavity
Poster 12 Lina G. Johnsen Norwegian University of Science and Technology Magnetization reorientation due to the superconducting transition in heavy-metal heterostructures
Poster 13 Dalton Jones UCLA Energy storage in magnetic textures driven by vorticity flow
Poster 14 Emilie Jue NIST GexFem Magnetic Josephson Junctions for artificial synapses
Poster 15 Maryam Khosravian Aalto university Quasiperiodic criticality and spin-triplet superconductivity in superconductor-antiferromagnet moire patterns