Domain walls and critical currents in chiral superconductors

Manfred Sigrist

Chiral superconductors are two-fold degenerate and domains of opposite chirality can form, separated by domain walls. While there are experimental indications for domain formation in some unconventional superconductors assumed to realize chiral Cooper pairing, there has not been any unambiguous proof for their existence. In this talk we consider the impact domain walls in chiral superconductors can have on the critical currents. For this purpose we consider various domain wall orientations for both chiral p-wave and chiral d-wave superconductors. We demonstrate that selection rules and crystalline anisotropy play an essential role in connecting the two chiral domains coherently through the domain wall. In particular, we illustrate the case of a domain wall parallel to the basal plane for a chiral p-wave superconductor. The possibility to realize half-flux vortices in these domain walls will be analyzed and used as a tool to estimate the critical currents. The possibility of experimental verication will be discussed.