Poster Session


Poster 13 Mátyás Kocsis Department of Physics, BUTE Tuning the nonreciprocal resistance of BiTeBr
Poster 14 Kinga Lasek University of South Florida Molecular Beam Epitaxy of Self-Intercalated Transition Metal Tellurides
Poster 15 Soo Yeon Lim Sogang University Thickness dependent magnetic transition of MnPS3
Poster 16 Mingzu Liu The Pennsylvania State University Tunable RT FM in 1L V-WS2 & V-WSe2 via CVD
Poster 17 Francisco Munoz Universidad de Chile Magnon Hall Effect in CrI3-based vdW systems
Poster 18 Tianxiao Nie Beihang University 2D ferromagnetic materials above room temperature
Poster 19 Sergey Nikolaev Tokyo Institute of Technology Realistic modelling of monolayer NbS2 and NbSe2
Poster 20 Armando Pezo Federal University of ABC TMDC/Graphene an ab initio study
Poster 21 Charis Quay UniversitÈ Paris-Saclay Tunneling spectroscopy of few-monolayer NbSe2
Poster 22 Akhil Rajan University of St Andrews Morphology control of monolayer transition metal dichalcogenides by MBE
Poster 23 Patrick Reiser University of Basel Scanning NV Magnetometry of 2D Magnetism