17.09.2019 – Skyrmionics Workshop for Young Researcher

Skyrmionics Workshop for Young Researcher

The recent interest skyrmionic materials have provided a new playground for the study of topological solitons. The topologically non-trivial magnetic spin textures can facilitate fast current-induced magnetization manipulation, which makes these exotic textures widely advantageous for many areas of technology, from spintronics to neuromorphic computing.

The current research effort is to detect, visualize, and manipulate the magnetic states: by momentum space mapping such as small angle neutron scattering, by real space detection such as Lorentz transmissions electron microscopy, by transport such as the topological Hall effect, and manipulation by external fields resulting in the skyrmion Hall effect. The extensive study of their transport properties and the ability to create a controlled environment for the creation and annihilation of magnetic skyrmions are essential steps towards the realization of skyrmion-based devices. Skyrmions can exist in a multitude of systems, bulk, multilayer heterostructures, and films with a variety of shapes due to the internal symmetry and the competition of exchange interactions. The increasing number of skyrmion hosting materials combined with the rapid growth of the research field provides a promising prospect to overcome the challenges for next-generation devices.

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