On the subtle interplay of light induced magnetization, driven currents and heat in ultrafast magnetism

Time: Tuesday, October 23rd, 10:30
Speaker: Markus MÜNZENBERG, Greifswald

Based on many observations in a large number of experiments by now we have the different puzzle pieces to understand ultrafast magnetism and to develop new frontiers. THz spintronics and all-optical spin manipulation are becoming more and more feasible. We can build on first applications. Nevertheless the disentangling of different ultrafast processes is still a challenge. Differences in the theoretical models arise from the localized and delocalized nature of ferromagnetism. Transport effects are intrinsically non-local in spintronic devices and at interfaces an delocalized, laser induced magnetization is more a local effect. But, in dependence of the sample this may be very different. I will go though some recent examples from our group to demonstrate the subtle interplay.