Tutorial: Manipulating Magnetic Skyrmions

Time: Tuesday, October 9th, 09:00
Speaker: Axel HOFFMANN, Argonne National Laboratory
Magnetic skyrmions are topologically distinct spin textures that are stabilized by the interplay between applied magnetic fields, magnetic anisotropies, as well as symmetric and antisymmetric exchange interactions. Due to their topology magnetic skyrmions can be stable with quasi-particle like behavior, where they can be manipulated with very low electric currents. This makes them interesting for low-power information technologies, where it is envisioned that data will be encoded in topological charges, instead of electronic charges as in conventional semiconducting devices. In particular, recently there has been a lot of progress stabilizing magnetic skyrmions at room temperature in magnetic heterostructures [1]. This talk will review specific aspects that relate to the manipulation of individual magnetic skyrmions, such as their electrical generation [2,3], motion [4], and dynamical excitations.
This work was supported by the U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Science, Materials Sciences and Engineering Division.

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