International School & Conference on Nanoscience and Quantum Transport (Kiev, Ukraine)

October 8th - 14th 2016

SPICE is co-organizing this workshop. It will take place in Kiev, Ukraine.

The scope of this meeting covers broadly electronic transport phenomena in materials and heterostructures where quantum geometric and many-body effects lead to novel behavior and functionality. Our goal is to bring together the leading scientists working in the key areas of the field as well as the young researchers and students interested in these areas. The program starts during the weekend of Oct 8-9 with introductory tutorials, aimed at the advanced undergraduate and graduate students. The main agenda will include pedagogical (60 min) lectures, technical invited (40 min) and contributed (20 min) talks, all including about 1/3 of time for discussions, a poster session, and plenty of breaks for more informal interactions.

The focus is on quantum transport in nanoscale, mesoscopic, low-dimensional heterostructures and novel quantum materials, covering, in particular, the following topics:

  • quantum transport in low-dimensional systems
  • collective spin transport and magnetic dynamics
  • (pseudo)spin textures and Berry-phase effects
  • topological insulators and graphene
  • new quantum materials and heterostructures
  • related topics in nanoscience

For more information and to register, please visit the following website:
Official Website NanoQT2016

International Organizers:
Leonid Levitov (MIT)
Yaroslav Tserkovnyak (UCLA)

SPICE Co-Organizer:
Jairo Sinova

Local Organizers:
Oleksiy Kolezhuk (TSNU Kyiv)
Valeri Lozovski (TSNU Kyiv)

Invited Speakers:

Christian Back (Universität Regensburg)
Gerrit Bauer (Tohoku University & TU Delft)
Yaroslaw Bazaliy (University of South Carolina)
Carlo Beenakker (Leiden University)
Rembert Duine (Utrecht University)
Klaus Ensslin (ETH Zürich)
Carlos Egues (Instituto de Física de São Carlos)
Benedetta Flebus (Utrecht University)
Victor Galitski (University of Maryland)
Olena Gomonay (Universität Mainz)
Francisco Guinea (IMDEA Madrid & Manchester)
Valery Gusynin (BITP Kyiv)
Bert Halperin (Harvard University)
Boris Ivanov (IMag Kyiv)
Takis Kontos (ENS Paris)
Daniel Loss (University of Basel)
Yuriy Mokrousov (RWTH Aachen & FZ Jülich)
Branislav K. Nikolic (University of Delaware)
Dmytro Pesin (University of Utah)
Mark Rudner (Copenhagen University)
Oleksandr Serha (Universität Kaiserslautern)
Andrey Shytov (Exeter University)
Jairo Sinova (Universität Mainz)
Justin Song (IHPC & NTU, Singapore)
So Takei (CUNY)
Mircea Trif (LPS Orsay)Special Presentation:
Victor Vakaryuk (Associate Editor, PRB)