14.09.2015 – Workshop on Spin Transport and Spin Pumping in Organics

From September 14 to September 15, our workshop on spin transport and spin pumping in organics took place at Schloß Waltdhausen. The workshop brought together scientists from the fields of spintronics and organics to explore possible synergies. It focussed on understanding and manipulating spin and charge transport through pi-conjugated polymers and exploiting its many possibilities.  The workshop is closely linked to the focus of the recent ERC Synergy grant “Spin-charge conversion and spin caloritronics at hybrid organic-inorganic interfaces”.

Its program covered topics in organics (synthesis, charge transport, etc), the current status of organic spintronics, inorganic based spintronics. It included presentations of the latest results as well as some tutorial like talks.


Photo: Sabrina Hopp
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